– Presentation and representation of Serbian companies and their products, services and projects in front of foreign companies across Europe, but also world wide.
– Presentation and representation of Serbian municipalities in front of foreign companies and investors interested in investing and doing business in Serbia.
– Presentation of European companies and investors in front of Serbian companies and municipalities.

We present Serbian companies and their products and services, and search for business opportunities, connecting them with international, mostly Italian and European counterparts.

We also represent Serbian municipalities in front of foreign investors and help both sides in order to establish business relationship and to realize internationalization of foreign business and localization of foreign productions in Serbia.

We represent foreign buyers, suppliers and investors in their need to find reliable business partner or municipality to start business in Serbia.

As high professionals with international experience we provide our service in English, Serbian and Italian language.

We provide direct contacts with city mayors, presidents of Municipalities, as well as with company owners and CEO’s.

We act also as sales agent providing highly professional presentations of your company, products, service and business need and/or opportunity, looking forward to achieve great sales success.

Public speaking presenter Mr Željko (Zeck) Ristich